Conference Program

Day One

Cavroc & Mining One 

Abouzar Vakili

Gary Davison


Tom Styles & Navid Bahrani


1- Tom Styles (Large-scale Stability Analysis of Rock Slopes and Underground Mines)

2- Abouzar Vakili (Comparison of slope stability analysis between a limit equilibrium method and advanced numerical modelling)

3- Simon Jackson (Numerical Modelling for Improved Open Pit Optimization)

4- Julian Watson (Slope Stability Assessment Approaches) 

5- Mahdi Zoorabadi (Meaningfulness of the stable range of Factor of Safety for deep pits – A numerical modelling assessment)

Chairs: Rajib Dey  &  Thiago Bretas


1- Thiago Bretas (Tailings dam`s safety assessment considering undrained foundation failure)

2-Roxana Mamani Gayona (Analysis of deformations of gravel columns in tailings dams)

3- Marco Arrieta (Novel Approach for Particle Size Distribution Analysis For Rockfills and Waste Dumps Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV))

4- Edna Lizeth Ardila Montilla (Comparative analysis of the effect of mixed disposal in tailings and waste rock piles)

Chair:  Nicholas Vlachopoulos


1- Nicholas Vlachopoulos (Optimization of the Berm Design of Small Arms Ranges for the Canadian Armed Forces)

2- Md Jobair Bin Alam (Investigating Sub-Soil Moisture Variation of Engineered Turf Cover for Landfills through Field Instrumentation)

Day Two


Sina Javankhoshdel

Professor Richard Bathurst


 Brigid Cami & Terence


1- Brigid Cami (A new Stochastic Response Surface method in spatial variability slope stability analysis)

2-Sina Javankhoshdel (Probabilistic analysis of a slope using RLEM method and cross-correlated conditional Random field)

3- Ekansh Agarwal (Probabilistic assessment of reinforced soil walls using fourth moment normal transformation)

Chairs: Reza Jamshidi Chenari  & Pooneh Maghoul


1- Reza Jamshidi Chenari (Probabilistic assessment of seismic bearing capacity of strip footings seated on heterogeneous slopes using finite element limit analysis (FELA) and response surface method (RSM))

2Pooneh Shah Malekpoor (Spatial Variability of Input Motion in Seismic Slope Stability)

3-Mahir Badanagki (Comparison Between Newmark Time History Analysis and Finite Element Method for Estimating Seismically Induced Slope Displacement)

Chair: Sebastin Lobo-Guerrero & Rita Sousa


1- Amanda Souza (Tailings Dam Reservoir Sectoring Using CPTU and Geophysical Test Data)

2- Arefeh Arabaninezhad (A case study on the use of a new reliability analysis method in the analysis of an urban deep excavation project)

3- Rita Sousa (Ground forecasting in mechanized tunneling)

4- Shengfeng Huang (TBM advance rate prediction using feature selection and support vector regression modeling)

Chair: Himan Hojat Jalali


1- Terence Ma (Optimization of spline slip surfaces using metaheuristic search in LEM)

2- Parisa Samadi (Investigation of the effect of the seawater on the mechanical strength of Geopolymer/Portland cement stabilized sandy soils)